Trucking Injury Prevention Program

recognition through certification

Midwestern Insurance Alliance believes strongly that employers get results when they commit to intentional, structured loss control efforts. That is why we developed the Trucking Injury Prevention Program (TIPP).  This program is only open to trucking companies insured with Midwestern Insurance Alliance. Participation in this program is voluntary. However, being aware of the benefits that can result from participation provides strong motivation to strive for certification.

Benefits of Certification

Below are just a few of the many benefits of attaining certification in MIA’s Trucking Injury Prevention Program.

Prevents Injuries – Implementing each of the elements of this program will help prevent injuries.

Improves Morale – Employee injuries (particularly those that result in time off work) disrupt daily work activities of the business, negatively impact morale of the injured employee and his coworkers

Controls Claims Costs – Implementing each of the elements of this program will help minimize the cost of workers’ compensation claims. The cost incurred by a workers’ compensation claim frequently includes medical treatment, but can also include wage replacement, legal costs, travel reimbursement, and a host of other costs defined by state statutes.

Helps Reduce Future Premiums – Since the cost of claims can impact insurance premiums for the next 4 years, anything that can be done to minimize the cost of a claim (without diminishing the quality of medical care and physical recovery of the injured employee) should be done. Several of the elements of this program specifically target management efforts to control the cost of claims.

Distinguishes Your Company – Attaining TIPP Certification distinguishes your company as one which places a high value on safety. A number of different entities consider your commitment to employee safety to be very important. Obviously your employees and their families are first on that list.Your workers’ compensation insurance carrier also wants to know that you are committed to the safety of your employees. Prospective shippers  and other entities that use your company’s services are also frequently interested in seeing evidence of your commitment to safety. OSHA will even reduce the amount of a penalty if you are cited for a violation but can demonstrate management commitment to safety. This program not only provides a mechanism for you to distinguish your company, but also provides guidance for developing a structured and documented injury prevention program that clearly provides evidence of management commitment

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