Real Life Lessons

from truck drivers injured at work

Real Life Lessons relating to…

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Blown Away on Interstate
Phil ends up with an overturned tractor and trailer after the wind gets too strong. Always review weather forecasts and pay close attention to the weather around you.
Carl and Tim have collisions with overhead objects. Always remember to be mindful of your overhead clearance.
Crowd Control
Zack overturns his truck when he is distracted by his children being in the cab of his truck. This incident causes him to sustain a minor shoulder injury and lose his job.
Deer, Dogs, and Damage
Seth and George both crash their vehicles and are injured while attempting to avoid a collision with an animal. Swerving to avoid an animal most often results in property damage and personal injury.
Driver Swerves to Avoid Deer and Overturns Truck
Seth narrowly escapes severe injury after swerving to avoid a deer. Swerving at high speeds to avoid an animal vastly increases the likelihood of a fatality.
Seat Belt for Coolers
Barbara tears her rotator cuff attempting to hold back a cooler during a hard brake.