Real Life Lessons

from truck drivers injured at work

Real Life Lessons relating to…

Getting on/off Trailers and Catwalks

Ice – The Enemy of the Truck Driver

Mary Ann shatters her elbow when she slips on ice. This video discusses how accidents like this can be avoided.
Every Which Way but Loose
Mack tears his trap muscle lifting the hood of his truck.
Can you Speak French?
James injures his back getting into a new truck. When dealing with the unfamiliar, always take extra caution.
Not Built to Climb
Jim falls from his trailer while trying to get down after placing load locks.
Very Expensive Coffee
Caleb burns himself and fractures his left arm when not using three points of contact.
Wait a Minute Vines
Todd hits his head in a fall after he loses his balance. Always focus on the task at hand. Continuously anticipate what could happen and constantly remain alert.
Beware Where you Step
Clarence and Jason receive serious injuries stepping on freight. Remember, always check freight prior to standing on it and always be aware of lighting conditions.
Out you Go
George is injured getting out of his trailer. When possible exit and enter the trailer at a docking station and always remember to wear correct footwear.