Real Life Lessons

from truck drivers injured at work

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Injuries Sustained Inside the Truck Cab

I Do Not Feel Good – Part 1
Harry narrowly avoids tragedy. Remember, your health is extremely important. Do not hesitate to notify management of potential health issues.
I Do Not Feel Good – Part 2
In this lesson Bubba shares some additional tips on protecting yourself and detecting exhaust leaks.
Every Which Way but Loose
Mack tears his trap muscle lifting the hood of his truck.
Driver has a Clean Truck and Can’t Drive it
Lester tears his rotator cuff while slipping from his truck.
Can you Speak French?
James injures his back getting into a new truck. When dealing with the unfamiliar, always take extra caution.
Mamma Always Said
Wayne breaks his arm when dirty boots cause him to slip.
Not Built to Climb
Jim falls from his trailer while trying to get down after placing load locks.
Wait a Minute Vines
Todd hits his head in a fall after he loses his balance. Always focus on the task at hand. Continuously anticipate what could happen and constantly remain alert.
A Place For Everything
Jeff and Brady are injured when insecure and unnecessary clutter goes flying in their cab. Make sure all items are secure, even if they’re in use, and clean out the clutter.
A Rare Event
Sandy receives second-degree burns after an electronic device overheats in his leeper berth. Always be cautiousand attentive when using electrical devices.
Communication is Critical
John loses visual contact with a crane operator and gets a load dropped on his hand. When getting assistance, always maintain good communication and visual contact.
Snap, Crackle, Pop
Ted injures his knee after having to shift gears frequently and not reporting a problem with his clutch. Commit to reporting problems and potential problems with your equipment.
Time to Clean House
Andy gets bit by a spider living in his untidy truck. Routine cleaning reduces the likelihood of arachnid infestations.