Real Life Lessons

from truck drivers injured at work

Real Life Lessons relating to…

Loading/Unloading Flatbed Trailers

Ice – The Enemy of the Truck Driver
Mary Ann shatters her elbow when she slips on ice. This video discusses how accidents like this can be avoided.
For the Want of a Nail
Harry fractures his wrist as he falls from his steering tire.
Looking At and Looking For
Andy breaks his collarbone after an accident that could have been prevented by a proper inspection.
Every Which Way but Loose
Mack tears his trap muscle lifting the hood of his truck.
Can you Speak French?
James injures his back getting into a new truck. When dealing with the unfamiliar, always take extra caution.
Not Built to Climb
Jim falls from his trailer while trying to get down after placing load locks.
Beware Where you Step
Clarence and Jason receive serious injuries stepping on freight. Remember, always check freight prior to standing on it and always be aware of lighting conditions.
Bump on a Log
Tim is hit in the head while securing the load of his flatbed.
Bungee Straps and Eyeballs
This video discusses the dangers involved in working with bungee straps and the safety measures necessary to avoid injury when using them.
Communication is Critical
John loses visual contact with a crane operator and gets a load dropped on his hand. When getting assistance, always maintain good communication and visual contact.
Falling Load Impacts Driver’s Leg
A falling load crushes Tom’s leg. When loading/unloading, park on level ground and stay out of danger zones.
Far, Far Away
Cory sustains a shoulder injury that he believes to be minor. Instead of immediately reporting it and receiving assistance, he waits and it gets worse. Always report injuries immediately.
Flats Equal Falls
Abe Juan shares his experience in controlling the risk of falls while securing and tarping freight.
It Looked Like a Good Idea
Abe injures his leg using a guardrail as a stepladder.
Tarps and Trampolines
Walter breaks his ankle in the process of tarping his load.
That’s Got to Hurt
Todd and Bob both fracture their ankles when situations don’t work out the way they thought they would. Analyze the situation and anticipate problems.
There’s a Reason for Everything
Mary Ann is injured and becomes medically unqualified to drive when she ignores directions and attempts to correct a loading issue herself.
With a Little Help from my Friends
Trevor has hernia attempting to remove the end gates from his trailer. Ask for help with caution and coordination.