Real Life Lessons

from truck drivers injured at work

Real Life Lessons relating to…

Drivers Performing Truck or Trailer Maintenance

Ice – The Enemy of the Truck Driver
Mary Ann shatters her elbow when she slips on ice. This video discusses how accidents like this can be avoided.
A Broken Light Leads to a Broken Arm
Barry breaks his arm while attempting to replace a clearance light using the wrong equipment. If you are not authorized to perform repairs then do not. If you are, only do so when you have the correct equipment.
An Excedrin Headache
Zach gets a head injury checking his engine.
Driver Fractures Big Toe
Bubba fractures his big toe incorrectly checking tire pressure.
For the Want of a Nail
Harry fractures his wrist as he falls from his steering tire.
Looking At and Looking For
Andy breaks his collarbone after an accident that could have been prevented by a proper inspection.
Every Which Way but Loose
Mack tears his trap muscle lifting the hood of his truck.
Driver is Hit by Passing Motorist
Mike’s driving career ends when he’s struck by a passing motorist. Always pull as far as possible off the roadway and never assume passing motorists will see or avoid you.
Exploding Tire Breaks Driver’s Arm
Brad fractures his arm and receives multiple lacerations after his tire explode while being inflated.
Hot to the Touch
Eddie slips off his bumper, breaks his wrist, and dislocates his shoulder after attempting to remove his radiator cap while his engine was hot.
It Looked Like a Good Idea
Abe injures his leg using a guardrail as a stepladder.
Mr. Wizard
Jared falls from his truck while uninstalling electronics.
Snap, Crackle, Pop
Ted injures his knee after having to shift gears frequently and not reporting a problem with his clutch. Commit to reporting problems and potential problems with your equipment.
Steel-Belted Radials
Floyd receives several puncture wounds handling a tire.
This for That
Tyler complicates an injury by using a home remedy for several days when he should have sought medical attention. If you are injured, go to a doctor.