Real Life Lessons

from truck drivers injured at work

Real Life Lessons relating to…

Mechanics Performing Truck or Trailer Repairs

An Excedrin Headache

Zach gets a head injury checking his engine.

Driver Fractures Big Toe

Bubba fractures his big toe incorrectly checking tire pressure.

For the Want of a Nail

Harry fractures his wrist as he falls from his steering tire.

I Do Not Feel Good – Part 1

Harry narrowly avoids tragedy. Remember, your health is extremely important. Do not hesitate to notify management of potential health issues.

Looking At and Looking For

Andy breaks his collarbone after an accident that could have been prevented by a proper inspection.

Exploding Tire Breaks Driver’s Arm

Brad fractures his arm and receives multiple lacerations after his tire explode while being inflated.

Slow and Steady

Jacob and Salvatore both receive injuries when their haste to complete a task cause them to act unsafely.