Real Life Lessons

from truck drivers injured at work

Real Life Lessons relating to…

Tarping and Untarping Freight

For the Want of a Nail
Harry fractures his wrist as he falls from his steering tire.
Every Which Way but Loose
Mack tears his trap muscle lifting the hood of his truck.
If It Hurts, Say So
Rudy had an admirable 15-year record of being injury free until he failed to report a nagging pain in his shoulder.
Automatic Tarps Are Not Risk Free
Two drivers suffer injuries using automatic tarping systems. This video reminds rivers to assess situations for hazards, even when they appear to have been eliminated by devices designed to make the job easier.
Beware Where you Step
Clarence and Jason receive serious injuries stepping on freight. Remember, always check freight prior to standing on it and always be aware of lighting conditions.
Cheater, Cheater
Charlie nearly loses an eye when a cheater slips and hits him in the face. Avoid using cheater bars if possible, but if you do use one, use caution.
Communication is Critical
John loses visual contact with a crane operator and gets a load dropped on his hand. When getting assistance, always maintain good communication and visual contact.
Carl and Tim have collisions with overhead objects. Always remember to be mindful of your overhead clearance.
It Looked Like a Good Idea
Abe injures his leg using a guardrail as a stepladder.
Tarps and Trampoline
Walter breaks his ankle in the process of tarping his load.
Tarps Plus Wind Equals Parasailing
Walter breaks his ankle in the process of tarping his load.
That’s Got to Hurt
Todd and Bob both fracture their ankles when situations don’t work out the way they thought they would. Analyze the situation and anticipate problems.